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Orgena Rose

Founder of The Divine Spirit Network





Orgena Rose has combined her over 25 years in the arts and her spiritual journey, which both began at the age of 7, with being a pioneer of online entertainment production to create a transformational experience that reaches people around the world 24-7.

Highlights include performing on Broadway, Carnegie Hall, touring internationally as well as appearing on OPRAH, the Today Show, Rosie O’Donnell Show, Conan and PBS.


She has also appeared in numerous TV commercials and movies where her original music is featured, has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Lea Michele and Audra McDonald, and shared the stage the same stages as Wayne Dyer, Stedman Graham, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith and other great luminaries.

She has shared her original music and message at churches, spiritual centers, MCC conferences, charities and in concert since 1999 and has been recorded in numerous CDs including Broadway shows, Ella Fitzgerald tributes, Balm Ministries and 3 of her own original music which has also been featured in movies and TV.

Orgena has been sharing her expertise and coaching others to “find their voice” and empower themselves so they can shine their brightest light since 1993.

She was one of the pioneers of online broadcasting as the Entertainment Producer for AV Daily News in 1999. She founded Sacred Rose Productions in 2006 where she not only writes and produces original music, but produces video, TV and Film as well.

To give back she founded the Global Artists Academy, which provides courses, workshops, and programs to those less fortunate in her mission to inspire, empower and transform through the arts.